a modern approach to ending cancer mortality.


Test Flexibility


% of Patients w/ctDNA Treatment Remain Relapse Free

Our mission is to leverage biological signalling via molecular-based diagnostics & therapeutics to tackle cancer mortality.


Cell-free DNA represents the key to unlocking tumour heterogeneity

Our physicians utilize NGS to determine the presence of cancer cells.


MCED testing costs decreased by >90%

This positive growth directs consumers to more affordable and reliable  testing solutions (i.e. $500 reimbursement price).


Liquid Biopsy>Tissue Biopsy

By implementing liquid biopsy patients are less likely to endure the risk of disease progression through this screening-based technique.


minimally invasive diagnostics

sequencing alone is not enough.

Just sequencing ctDNA mutations alone does not provide an adequate foundation to detect early-onset cancers.

To ensure the viability of cancer screening, combining low-dose CT scanning can directly increase diagnosis detection.

meet the brain behind oncolnyx

CEO & Founder of Oncolnyx

Lauren Pearson is an incoming pre-medical student passionate about healthcare innovation.  Her current focus is on molecular diagnostics and primary prevention methodology for patients at risk for cancer.

innovation meets functionality

ctDNA Detection Process

Blood Sample Collection

Patients can either come into the clinic or complete the blood sample collection at home.

ctDNA -> Next Generation Sequencing

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) emits into the person’s bloodstream during a tumour or other microorganism in the body. The liquid biopsy protocol can allow us to assess cancer through a blood draw.


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